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What? I need a title…Ok…wait!

Posted in Randomness on July 22, 2010 by Becca C.

The name of this blog may seem familiar to the small, miniscule readership I had on the essentially defunct website, But, while that site died unceremoniously, my need to express my views and rambling thoughts on all things entertainment has not disappeared. In fact, I figure with a blog at my disposal, I’m now free to say what I want, about whatever topic comes to mind, at any point. If people read it or not is—wait for it—of minor significance. I hope people do read this, fall in love with my writing style, and hire me to work at their magazine or website full time. But that’s a far off fantasy. Right now, I just have a lot of thoughts that are taking up too much space in my head, so it is time to get them out.

The purpose of this space will be fairly simple—clear out the thoughts. I may post my own reviews, news I come across, links to awesome articles, and even the occasional YouTube video I’m rather impressed with.

Remember, it’s only of Minor Significance