The Right and Wrong of It

Image Courtesy of the CWI was going to write a “Harvest” review to post here since this isn’t my week to write a review for SHoE. However, thanks to my Twitter addiction, I’ve seen some disturbing and annoying statements being made about Smallville fans and the “right” or “wrong” reasons to watch the show. So, please allow me this “rant” of sorts. I won’t make a habit of it.

Dear Fan Boys (and Fan Girls),

There is no such thing as a “right” reason to watch Smallville or any show. There is no viewer rulebook. You watch a television show because it entertains you. If you watch a show that makes you miserable that’s called being a masochist.

But just because someone watches for the interaction between a couple they like, or because they like action, or comedy, or whatever reason you can come up with does not make the reason “wrong.” If that reason is why you enjoy the show and tune in every week—more power to you.

I admit that I don’t like the character of Chloe Sullivan or the relationship between Chloe and Oliver on Smallville. But I do respect the right of their fans to watch for that reason. Just as Clark and Lois fans have a right to watch the show because of that relationship. Tess/Lois and Clark/Lex fans have the right to watch for the innuendo between those characters. You have the right to watch to see Clark use his super powers. Or to watch Clark become a reporter. You can watch for individual characters. You can watch for couples. You can watch because the show is full of attractive actors. Or you can watch because you’re a fan of the sci-fi drama.

There isn’t a single reason that is WRONG. Whether you’ve been watching since Season 1 or Season 4 or Season 8 or you just started now, you’re still a fan. There is no such thing as a “true” fan or a “real” fan or a “better” fan. There is no such thing as tenure in fandom, so who cares how long you’ve been watching?

No, some may not enjoy the show as it is at the present. And they have ever right to be unhappy. But they also have every right to stop watching. There have been plenty of shows I liked at one point that eventually took thematic turns I didn’t like and thus stopped watching.

The idea that Clark and Lois fans are somehow wrong or horrible for being excited by what the Smallville team is giving this season is insane, arrogant, and sad. This is the story the writers are telling, if you are so offended, stop watching. But to insult and rant all over Twitter or on YouTube is frankly pathetic. Again, I really don’t like the “Chlollie” ship, but their fans have every right to make fan art and fan vids and converse in peace without being trashed. The same goes for “Clois” fans or “Clex” fans or “Tollie” fans. Everyone has a place at the table to like what they like.

As for Smallville deviating from “canon,” ever since Brian Peterson and Kelly Souders took over it is quite clear that Smallville would obey the spirit of comic’s canon but not the letter of it. This is the story about how this particular Clark Kent becomes Superman. The details won’t be exactly the same as they were in the Silver Age comics, or Birthright, or in Superman: Secret Origins, or in Superman: The Movie, or in Lois&Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, or in the recently released Superman: Earth One. And that’s OK. There’s always room for reinterpretation of a myth. Superman has existed for over 70 years, so long as the general concept remains the same, the journey there is the reason to watch.

If I wanted Smallville to be exactly like the comics—I’d READ the comics. What Smallville does is take expectations, takes the familiar, and puts a modern (post-modern?), original spin on it. It’s not going to be to everyone’s liking, of course. But that’s why televisions have remote controls these days—you can change the channel and watch something else. I hated Superman Returns the first time I watched—so I never watched it again. Why would I continue to punish myself with something that makes me miserable?

I love Smallville. I didn’t always enjoy it (hello Season 7), but I respect those that enjoyed what I didn’t. I love what it has become. I believe if you love something, you get enjoyment out of it then it’s the RIGHT reason to watch.

I’m going to continue to watch Smallville for the reasons I’ve always watched—the fabulous cast, the story of the world’s greatest super hero, and the evolution of the most beautiful love story ever. I encourage everyone else to watch for the reasons they love the show. And to know—that’s the RIGHT reason. And to those who think those who watch for reasons other than their own myopic, arrogant, pathetic little bubble—maybe get a life and stop trolling Twitter and Message Boards for reasons to be pissed off at what other people enjoy.


3 Responses to “The Right and Wrong of It”

  1. I had to leave a comment to this saying thank you. Certain fanboys (you’ve seem them around) on twitter look down on other SV fans if they’ve never read the comics. I got into a kerfuffle with one of them a while back. It’s absolutely ridiculous. I read the comics but that doesn’t make me a better fan or more of a fan than someone who just watches the show. Anyways, great article.

  2. This is a really great post. You are absolutely right. There is no right reason to watch this show.

    Fans of this show should never feel as though they are being ridiculed or teased because they enjoy certain things on the show that other people don’t. That’s immature and pathetic.

    Also, as a huge comics fan myself and as a general fan of Superman since I was old enough to walk…I take real issue with the idea out there that all mythos/comics fans disagree with the way Smallville is telling the story. I don’t agree with all of the choices that Smallville has made over the years. I have my own issues with the show from time to time. But I think that in many ways some of the changes that Smallville has made to the story have brought new depth and perspective to a classic story.
    In particular, I find it rather interesting that people seem to so often forget about the post-crisis canon when arguing about Lois’ role in the Superman story.

    Thank you for the post. Wouldn’t it be nice if fans could band together in the final season and enjoy the final episodes of a show that we all claim to love so much?

  3. THANK YOU! I find it so sad that these arrogant little boys feel the right to trash any fans about anything. That tells me all I need to know about these “fans” – they are pathetic, they are mean spirited, and they are clearly bitter. No person who is happy spends time trying to insult people, and no enlightened individual generalizes and tries to attack people on mass. Moreover, I’m really glad these fan boys or fan girls or whatever you want to call them are NOT getting what they want from the show. GOOD. They don’t deserve it after their horrible behavior online. Keep on stewing in your bitterness, boys and girls, while the rest of us continue to watch a show that we LOVE because it makes us HAPPY.

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